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Our CFO services are the flagship services for the start-ups. These services are provided by experienced and qualified professionals, who are currently providing CFO services to various technology and non-technology start-ups. Following are some of the tasks we cover in our CFO services.


1- Business Plan:

The business planning document is a very important document for start-ups. Various funding, financing, and grants are dependent on robust and well-developed business plan. This document is not a static document but it has to be continuously improved and changed with the progress of the business. Our designated CFO for your company will take the ownership of the document and will ensure that it should stay up-to-date with the progress in business.


2- Investment round

Our designated CFO will lead the activities for preparing the pitch to secure Series A to C funding.


3-Designing internal controls for business processes

With the help of Berkeley Accountants, our designated CFO will design internal controls for the business process to ensure complete and accurate processing, recording and reporting of financial information.


4- Product costing and pricing

This is an important task for any CFO, with the help of a qualified and experienced hand the start-ups can now price their products through scientific cost-benefit analysis.


Accounting Services


1- Bookkeeping

The bookkeeping is done through cloud-based accounting software, Quick Books. You will upload the bills and issue the invoices, we review the document folders daily and post the bills, reconcile the outstanding bills and invoices with Bank payment and receipts.  These actions of daily bookkeeping and reconciliation ensure that financial performance and outstanding balances of suppliers and customers should remain up to date.


2- Monthly management Reporting

The monthly management report will be compiled, the basic management report will include Monthly profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, aged payables and aged receivables. The monthly management reporting can be tailored and include more information as per the requirement of Management.


3- Quarterly VAT filing

The quarterly VAT return will be filed with HMRC, the posting will be reviewed by the qualified Accountant to ensure that all the boxes of VAT return is properly filed and complied with HMRC VAT legislation.


4- Annual Accounts including financial reporting.

The annual statutory Accounts will be prepared after reviewing general ledger and posting the journals for completeness and closure of books. The annual accounts will include financial reporting as per FRS 102.


Tax Services


1- Tax Planning strategy

We prepare strategy document with the client which focuses on determining tax planning goals, all the subsequent tax advice and actions follow the principals and goals determined in the Tax strategy document


2- Annual Tax Return

The CT600 will be prepared immediately after the preparation of Annual Accounts. The special attention will be given to calculation of capital allowances and utilization of Losses for maximum tax efficiency in accordance with the already determined tax planning strategy.


3- Research and Development (R&D) Tax credit


We help technology start-ups to claim R&D tax credit. The claim is made in the annual tax return. The R&D tax credit claim document is prepared with the collaboration of Technology team of the company. We are quite successful in preparing a robust document which is essential for the claim.


4- Monthly payroll


Preparation of monthly payslips and filing of FPS to HMRC for monthly payroll.


5- Management of Pension Scheme


We assist our clients to register with NEST for workplace pension scheme. Berkeley Accountants manages the scheme on behalf of clients and the client will just have to make the payments through direct debit for the due pension contributions.



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