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Tax Compliance


Berkeley accountants Ltd prepare and submit tax returns. The tax returns which are prepared and submitted are as follows:

  • SA100: This return is prepared and filed for individuals and sole proprietors.
  • CT600: This return is to be prepared and filed for Companies.
  • IHT100: This return is to be prepared and filed for Chargeable Lifetime transfers (CLT), donee of potentially exempt transfers (PET) that has become chargeable for Inheritance tax (IHT), donee of a gift with reservation (GWR).
  • IHT400: This return is to be prepared and filed for the personal representatives (PRs) of a deceased person’s estate.
  • VAT: This is return is filed quarterly for companies and sole proprietors registered for VAT.

Tax Planning


UK Tax framework provides many exemptions, incentives, benefits and reliefs to help businesses, industries, hard working individuals and foreign investors. Berkeley accountants Ltd assess the situation of client and suggest them the course and actions which can help the client to optimize their tax liability by remaining within the HMRC tax framework.

Tax Planning Tips


Following are the few tax planning initiatives which can be considered:

  • Income tax: Gift fund to your spouse; Prefer Benefits over salary; Utilize ISAs and etc
  • Capital gains: Annual exemption utilization; use capital losses; Plan for Entrepreneurs’ relief etc.
  • Corporation tax: use of capital allowances; optimum utilization of losses; charity donations etc
  • Other: Tax free pension contribution; Use investments schemes; benefits of being non-resident .

How we do it


Berkeley accountants Ltd after receiving the inquiry set up a meeting   with client. We have a good discussion with the client, and then we submit a report to client in which we suggest to client the possible course of action.

For how much we do it


The fee is agreed with the client depending the scope and complexity of the work.

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